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They say love has no boundaries, but when love across borders goes wrong, who will be there to pick up the pieces? Every year, thousands of children are abducted from their homes and torn from the lives they know. In most cases, the offender is one of their own parents. 
(80% of child abductors is one of the parents)
When international love doesn't succeed, the real victim is often the child. Ripped away from everything they hold dear, these children face an unfamiliar future, strange surroundings, and the frightening prospect of never going home.
Often the child is left in a hopeless situation without much help from the authorities involved. 
One person knows these children's situation. A man who has been there himself as a little boy - kidnapped by his father and taken away from everything he knew and loved - from one day to another. On an almost personal mission this host won't give up on the case of these missing children - and finding out what happened to them. Missing follows him as he travels across the world to find and rescue the missing children from the childhood he faced himself.

(Missing is produced by Dokumentarkompagniet / Denmark)

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2012: Danish Television Award (TVPrisen);
Factual series of the year
Broadcaster: TV2 (Denmark)