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Selskabet.tv is a Danish production company founded in 2006. Our mission is to tell important stories and reach a broad audience. We produce documentaries about and for the people.

Lisa Klit
She graduated as a journalist from the Danish School of Journalism in 1999 and has since then worked in the Danish production environment creating and producing formats, programs and series for the two largest broadcasters in Denmark, TV2 and DR.

René Verlaan
With a background in physical education, psychology and event management, René Verlaan worked as a project manager and executive producer for Companions-Opera-Amsterdam. He produced large-scale operas and several other events all over the world. With their slogan 'bringing art to entertainment' in his back pocket he continued in Selskabet.tv with the mission: telling an important story for a big audience.

Lisa and Rene


We would always like to listen to your story. If you would like to share, you are more than welcome to contact us.


1999: Newspaper: Jyllands-Posten (Denmark)
Anniversary Award for article series 'Prisoners of the Cold War' ('Fanger af den kolde krig') in newspaper Politiken (Denmark)

2001: European Broadcasting Union 'The Golden Shot'; special Jury Award for documentary 'The Dangerous Volunteers' ('De farlige frivillige') Broadcaster: DR1 (Denmark)

2002: Danish Television Award (TVPrisen); Reality series of the year Broadcaster: TV2 (Denmark)

'The Black Box' ('Den Sorte Box')
Den sorte box (TV2)
2006:Danish Television Award (TVPrisen); Documentary series of the year Broadcaster: TV2 (Denmark)

(Developer, director and producer)
'The Human Animal' ('Menneskedyret')
2006: Danish Television Award (TVPrisen); Special Program of the year Broadcaster: TV2 (Denmark)

'My Best Teacher' ('Min Bedste Lærer')
2007: Danish Television Award (TVPrisen); Documentary series of the year Broadcaster: TV2 (Denmark)

(Idea, developer and producer)
'The 7 Killings' ('de 7 Drab')
2010: Danish Television Award (TVPrisen);
Innovation Award
Factual series of the year
Best photography
Best editing
Best sound mix
Broadcaster: TV2 (Denmark)

(Idea, developer and consultant)
'Missing' ('De Bortførte Børn')
+ 2012: Danish Television Award (TVPrisen); Factual series of the year
Broadcaster: TV2 (Denmark)
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René Verlaan: +45 31 69 92 06

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